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Western Wear Denver

Western Wear Denver reflects the unique pioneering spirit of the Westward movement. Denver was a boomtown, one of the settlements that grew up around rumors of gold. During the Civil war, it was an Anti-Slavery State. Texas tried to capture it for the gold, but was repulsed by a determined volunteer army. When the railroad passed it by, Denver mustered up the cash to build their own railway branch to meet it. What better Western Wear for independent Denver than the unique, charming Western Outfits at Ann N Eve? Trim, tailored western-cut business wear, avant garde, Boho Chic, and even the unique, one of a kind leather costumes reminiscent of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Denim and calico, western-style boots and straw or felt hats, there is a garment from our catalog for any occasion. There is even a section of formal wear that makes that subtle statement of “Westward” that goes with Western Wear Denver and with Western Wear San Antonio.

Western Wear Denver can be purchased through our online catalog. Each garment is tailored to fit from measurements sent to the company by you. Every charming gown, every skirt, every shirt is made with loving attention to quality in every stitch. Whether you are in the market for an understated suit for a business luncheon or a confection of lace or soft, floating paisley, or something truly unusual that stands out in the crowd, there is something in our catalog for you. There are even handbags and furnishings that are exquisite reminders of the twenty brief years that were the westward expansion. In fact, there are so many beautiful items, it will be difficult to choose among them.