Designed and manufactured in USA

Western Wear Dallas

Western Wear Dallas is a unique new line from Ann n Eve. Like all their Western Wear, quality is their major consideration. But the Western Outfits are also designed for fun, for comfort and to meet your wardrobe needs for any occasion. There are crisply styled gentlemen’s western-style shirts and vests. For the ladies, there is a bonanza of skirts, blouses, shirts, vests and shawls. Western Wear Denver is another new mode. And they, too, share all the unique styles that can only be found through our online catalog.

Western Wear Dallas is more than just a clothing collection, however. It is a distillation of the spirit that won the West. Included are finely tailored variable length skirts that are perfect for work wear or a business dinner. Trim line western shirts and jackets are cut to accentuate and flatter any figure. Designs are custom fit from measurements submitted by you. There are even options for limited re-design, such as color or skirt length.

One the most memorable features of Western Wear Dallas is the section containing unique, hand-made, one-of-a-kind items. These designs can be found nowhere else. Even the beads are hand-made and unique to the creation, just as they would have been back in the 1800's. Even so, you may look retro, but you will never look like "last year" in one of these incredibly lovely creations. There is even a collection of formal wear, including clothing for the bridal party or the perfect gown for the prom. Boots and hats are also available, as well as other accessories to lend that final, elegant touch to the perfect ensemble. Each item is a master artwork created for you.