Designing upscale apparel with a western flair for 40+ years using finest leather, suede, and beads. Made in USA.

Ann N Eve Exclusive. Designing upscale apparel with a western flair for 40+ Years using finest leather, suede, and beads. Thousands of happy customers. Made in USA.


About Our Womens Leather Jackets and Other Styles

In this article, would like to talk about different kinds Leather that are available for Men’s and Women’s clothing.

Womens Leather Styles Referenced in this Article

There are different sizes and weights of leather.
The soft hand leathers such as Lambskin, Deerskin and Goat skin are ideal for garments and freeform designs. These leathers are very delicate, and it is best to be used for fashion items such as vest, and free form belts (style AE166) which does not need a pattern. This type of leather is not suitable for items that are going to be used for working at the Ranch. For example, you can not make chaps out of these delicate leathers but leather like deerskin is suitable for a free form purse such as style AE160.

Suede or goat skin can be used to make belts with fringes such as style AE1309 suede belt with long fringe.

Deer skin or Buckskin on the other hand is more durable and come in variety of colors. More constructed belts and vests can easily be made with Deer Skin and embellishing is much easier on this type of leather. Example is One of a kind Deer Skin Vest (style AE0125)
There is also the Upholstery leather such as Cowhides and Bison which are very durable and can be used for making furniture. Some designers combine Cowhides with Hair on Hides for a special elegant look.
The price of Leather depends on the quality of the skin. Deer skin which to me is the Cadillac of all leathers because of its soft hand and uneven edges comes in grades. 
First Grade Deerskin has hardly any holes or blemishes and can cost anywhere from $12.00 a sq. foot to $35.00.
Grade 2 Deerskin has few holes and blemishes. Which some designers such as myself like it mainly because you can cover and decorate these holes and blemishes with genuine semi -precious stones and this will add to the value of the garment.
Grade 3 Deer skin is suitable if you are making small items such as medicine bags or cuffs and chockers, since grade 3 has lots of holes and blemishes. This will obviously cost a lot less and sometimes you can buy the scrapes to use for accessories.
Deerskin leather is soft and supple, which makes it a favorite for clothing and shoes such as moccasins. 
Deerskin leather is also stretchable. Over time, this leather will conform to your body. Deerskin is also breathable, which means that it is less likely to make you too warm or sweaty when wearing it. Leather made from deer hides is also thin. In fact, all leathers made from game animals, deerskin leather is the thinnest. 
Despite its soft texture and light weight, leather made from deerskin is rated as the third strongest leather available. This means that clothing and other items made from deerskin is rated as the third strongest leather available. This means that clothing and other items made from deerskin will be durable and last a number of years if they are cared for properly.

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