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If you’re looking for stylish, high quality Plus Size Western Wear, which comes in variety of comfortable fabrics such as Jersey Rayon knit with stretch or Poly and Rayon stretch, we at Ann N Eve are for you. With hundreds of items to choose from, including blouses, trousers, shirts, shawls, jackets, riding skirts, gauchos, and tops, we are confident in our capacity to provide you with the perfect Plus Size Western Wear you love. Ann N Eve Plus Size Western Wear is our Best Seller category. It was once believed that Plus Size curvey ladies should not wear white.  That is not true.  White does not make you appear larger, just as black will not make you smaller it is the cut and the fit of the garment that make Plus size clothing look good.

On our website we have designed and made Plus Size Western Wear flattering styles with attention to detail.  In the category of Plus Size Western Wear we have few great Gaucho or Riding skirts designed for Plus size.  We work mainly with stretch fabric especially for Plus Size Western Wear.  Plus size dresses made of stretch laces or any fabric that has stretch is to your shape in clothing that follows your beautiful curves; it does not have to cling.

In our Plus Size Western Women Wear category most of the new high quality fabric that we use has the perfect amount of stretch to give a smooth and sexy look without riding up or looking too snug. Our Plus Size Western Women Wear has been designed to make Plus Size Country Clothing to show your shape and curves in the most flattering way.  We have button down blouses in our Plus Size Western Women wear that will look great with gaucho pants.

There are few rules for Plus Size dresses, Plus size country dresses and Plus size clothing in General.
-If you are wearing a full skirt try to keep the Top closer to the body.  Also wearing a Trapez top it is better to wear slim bottoms.
-If you are short it is best to wear the same color on the top as also for the bottom.  In our Plus Size Western Wear you will many of our styles offered in the same color which will make you look taller.
-Plus Size Country Dresses mostly have ruffled, therefore it is best to choose fabrics that have small print or just solid color made of light fabrics such as chiffon or mesh and some laces.


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