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Designing upscale apparel with a western flair for 40+ years using finest leather, suede, and beads. Made in USA. Free shipping in US over $200.

Ann N Eve Exclusive. Designing upscale apparel with a western flair for 40+ Years using finest leather, suede, and beads. Thousands of happy customers. Made in USA.
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How to Style with Western Wear

When to Wear Western Clothes

In this modern days Women's Western Wear is still very popular among all ages however, unless you are going to a totally Western Event where the theme is western especially Western Galas when a western outfit is required from head to Toe you can incorporate maybe two elements at a time such as a Western Hat and a peasant to pull off the Western look. 
Adding a little bit of Western vibe into your basic wardrobe such as pretty white dresses, peasant top with jeans is an easy way to look trendy. Popular Western-inspired choices are embroidered shawls to wear with Western Gaucho pants or broomstick skirts and to complete the look add your Western Hat

Western Wear and Bohemian Style

There is a fine line between Women's Western Wear and Bohemian style. For example to give an outfit a total western look you can wear a long maxi skirt with a western style vest and a western hat to complete the look. On the other hand you can wear the same maxi long skirt with a peasant top and turquoise jewelry to give the impression of a Bohemian look. It is absolutely okay to wear sandals with long skirts. For Summer time with your long tiered or broomstick skirts or maxi western or Bohemian style dresses you can wear sandales which is still a Bohemian/Western look.

Gauchos as Women's Western Clothes

Gauchos are another type of Western Wear. Please visit 'All About Gaucho Pants' for a detailed article on how to style with Gauchos. What will not look good with sandals are Gaucho pants or riding skirts. The best will be cowboy boots. To show off your boots try to keep your gauchos in a shorter length such as 36” long or shorter. Some companies offer special orders for the length and waist size.

Choosing Color for Better Western Look

If you are short try to keep the western shirt and western skirt or pants in the same color to make you look taller. If your skirts have a print or large patterns try to keep the top in one of the colors of the skirt, preferably the base color. Another rule for some one who is short is that try to choose shawls with shorter fringe. If you are a plus size or Queen size try to wear darker colors and add color with colorful embroidery. You will find many options of trendy looking and elegant western dresses, tops and bottoms on our website.

Fringes in Women's Western Wear

Another element which is very popular in Women's Western Wear is fringes in different textures and colors. For a western evening look you can wear a top with sparkly fringe (like the on our website) add a fit and a flare skirt or one of Ann N Eve’s sexy skirts to complete the look. 

Leather Accessories in Women's Western Wear

Fringes made of leather and suede are also very popular on western belts. Wear this belt with jeans or with skirts and add a western hat. Tooled leather is definetly a style trademark for Women's Western Wear, therefore it is a natural pick to add a leather belt with fringes or a handmade handbag in a deerskin leather.

Formal Choices in Women's Western Wear

Another great look for a western formal event is beaded capes or ponchos which are really a great piece with a western look to add to any of your items in your wardrobe. Long tiered beaded skirts and also maxi dresses with embroidery and fringe found on our web site is another option. Long maxi western style dresses in one color be it in lace or fabric will emphasize the elegant look and make anyone look taller.