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Everything you Need to Know About Gaucho Pants 

What are Gaucho Pants?

Ann N Eve Gaucho Pant Bestseller

You probably know how to style your Western Skirts, but there is another piece of authentic Western Wear Style called Gaucho Pants. 

The women of the Old West used to wear Gaucho Pants, instead of skirts, while riding horses. 

You can see from the picture (style 1405) that Gaucho Pants can be very comfortable to wear, as they bring the best of skirts and pants together. 
Did you know that Gaucho Pants are also known as Riding Skirts? Gaucho Pants worn by South American cowboys are similar to crop pants, but Gaucho Pants are longer and meant to serve as a more formal, workplace-friendly alternative to skirts and slacks.

How to Shop for Gaucho Pants?

Authentic Gaucho Pant from
Gaucho Pants or Riding Skirts can be made in variety of fabrics such as Rayon, Denim, Knits as well as Leather and suede. 
Fabrics used for Gaucho pants are either soft or flowy for a more special occasion event or somewhat heavy for everyday wear.  

Today there are many apparel manufacturers in the Fashion world because of the popularity of this flattering look.  Before purchasing a pair do not look for a cheap version since chances are that the fabric will not be of a high quality and most of all the fit might not be flattering. 

The most authentic are the ones that have belt loops and have a flare at the hem with or without fringe (style AE2003B).
Gaucho Pants or Riding Skirts are also sometimes called cropped pants but they are not Gaucho pants if they do not flare out at the hem.

Are Gaucho Pants in Style?

Today it is one of the biggest trends in the fashion world and it comes in different colors and shapes. It is a very appropriate Western Apparel used by many Rodeo Queens, and is sometimes referred to as Riding Skirt.

Gaucho pants became very popular and a fashion statement in 1968. The boom was helped by the women’s liberation movement, with its acceptance of unconventional roles for women. Bans against wearing pants to formal events and in the workplace declined considerably, making room for gaucho pants. 

Gaucho pants were first worn by cowboy’s in Argentina and Uruguay.  Fashion writers praised them as one the new, modern alternative to skirts. Gaucho pants will never go out of fashion because of its practicality and flattering look for any size.

The simple styling ideas prove that the Gaucho pants or Riding skirts are easier to wear than you might think.

What to Wear with Gaucho Pants?

Gaucho pants have always been popular with Western Women and those who love Western Wear clothing. It can be worn during the daytime and when socializing in evening parties.

 Here are a few tips on how to look good wearing Gaucho Pants:

  • The Gaucho Pants made in white are appropriate for Western Wedding Events. 
  • Gauchos made of knit fabrics (style 1401GJK) with less flare, as seen in this picture are popular with Plus Size ladies. 
  • This style is so versatile that you can wear them with Western blouses (style 0019BL0015)  or with Western T-Shirts (style KT-S034-3) , or with different style long vests or short vests.
  • You can also wear the Gaucho pants with a statement blouse or top with voluminous sleeves (style 4056)  or off shoulder peasant tops (style 4023JK)  .
  • A Longer version of Gaucho Pants with ruffles (style 1409)  goes well with ruffled blouse (style 4068)  , which makes a great Gaucho outfit for a Western Formal Wear.
  • Furthermore, Gaucho pants or Riding Skirts can be worn with Blouses or any tops worn outside with or without a belt for a more casual look.
  • Gaucho pants can be used for layering by wearing a longer vest (style 9005L)  or (style GS1001-16)  .
  • The Gaucho pants or riding skirts look nice with a narrow belt going through the loops or a wide belt.
  • Gaucho pants look very classy when you wear a vest preferably made of the same fabric or leather and suede as the Gauchos. (Ann N Eve) makes vest to match by special order (style 8111) .
  • You can Wear Western Jackets with fringe or no fringe with your dressy Gaucho pants for a Formal Western Wear.
  • Another stunning unusual look is to wear your Gaucho pants with long fringe or short fringe shawls with or without embroidery. Ann N Eve makes the most beautiful shawls such as (style SH1023-17)  or (style SH1005-17)  . For a formal Western Wear, you can wear Gaucho pants with beaded capes or shawls (style CAP10617)  .
Additional Considerations for How to Wear Gaucho Pants:
  • If you are not a tall person, try to wear your Gaucho pants with the same color top or blouse.  This uniform color will make you look taller.
  • If you must wear a different color top with your Gaucho, try not to mix more than two colors. For Example, with Black Gaucho pants wear a white blouse or any other color but do not add a brown color vest, as this will not look good.
  • Due to the fact that Gaucho pants are made to come down to mid-calf it is not flattering to wear them with shoes since this will make you look wider in the middle. Instead, for a more flattering look wear them with your boots, preferably with cowboy boots matching in color with the Gaucho pants. So, if the Gaucho Pant is brown, try to keep the color of your boots in the same shade or with different shades of brown and beige appliques on the boot.

Where to Buy Gaucho Pants?

Western Wear designer Ann N Eve is among the best Gaucho Pants designers in the market, offering you a variety of fabrics, leather and suede. Ann N Eve designs and manufactures in USA different colors, styles and fabrication of Gaucho Pants.  Also by special order they will make it in Leather and Suede or for special events of Formal Western Wear they can make it in Beaded, Lace or ruffled style.
Whether you’re looking for a specific design, or to choose from a wide variety of figure-flattering designs, and are online stores where you can browse and shop for Ann N Eve’s unique variety and styles of Gaucho Pants.

Not to forget, for our Queen Size ladies, Ann N Eve has designed signature Gaucho Pants in Plus sizes (Style 1404).  You can order the length you want by Special order.

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