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Plus Size Western Women Skirts

Plus Size Western Women Skirts
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Long Broomstick Embroidered Skirt
Product ID : 5109
Red Sparkly Long Skirt
Product ID : 5107J
Sexy High Low Skirt
Product ID : 5103
Silk Ruffled Skirt
Product ID : 5101
Sexy Fit and Flare Lace Skirt
Product ID : 5096W
Royal Blue Beaded Skirt
Hot Deal
Product ID : 5095SHB
Silk Romantic Ruffled Skirt
Product ID : 5093SHB
Black Velvet Long Formal Skirt
Hot Deal
Product ID : 5083
Handkerchief Style Western Skirt
Product ID : 6038
Copper Color Beaded Skirt
Hot Deal
Product ID : 6036-Shiba
Royal Blue Broomstick Western Skirt
Product ID : 6037RB
Western Orchard Color Long Skirt
Product ID : 5078 Shiba
Short Denim Skirt
Product ID : SK726KM
White Broomstick Long Skirt
Product ID : 5022WH
Copper Ruffled Skirt
Product ID : AE5066 Shiba
Formal Ruffled Beaded Skirt
Hot Deal
Product ID : AE5065Shiba
Black Sexy Long Skirt With Rhinestone
Product ID : 5058-C339
38 item(s) Page 1 of 3
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Plus Size Western Women Skirts

Plus Size Western Women Skirts offer a broad range of styles for today’s busy woman. They include comfortable skirts for workday wear as well as elegant and even frivolous wear for special occasions. Contemporary Women Clothing must cover a range of roles for today’s woman. She is a college girl, a soccer mom, a housewife, a work-at-home entrepreneur, a woman about town, a hostess and much, much more.  Furthermore, she hasn’t outgrown a love of dressing up. Plus Size Western Women Skirts caters to all her roles and to that love of wearing something pretty.

Formal Western Wear includes long-yoked skirts with a soft flounce and rhinestone accents, full-cut gauchos and matching jacket, long, full broomstick lace skirts and even a mini-skirt that can be teamed with a western-cut top. There are a variety of colors, including white – which can be worn as a wedding gown – black, blue and red. And the styles don’t stop there. A fringed mini brings back memories of flapper girls and speakeasies, a sweet, soft lace gown speaks of romantic evenings and a fit-and-flare skirt beaded to match a fringed vest says “cowgirl out on the town” in bold elegance. These Plus Size Western Women Skirts are not your average wear!

Boho Chic Clothing also features Plus Size Western Women Skirts in bright paisley and soft lace. Teamed with tops that range from soft Jersey pull-overs to layered ruffles, these skirts bring out the feminine side of the West. Pleats, ruffles and soft ruffled tiers are reminders that the west included barn dances, ice cream parties and even the occasional church social.