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Mother of the Bride Beaded Jacket Set

Mother of the Bride Beaded Jacket Set
Western Women Wedding Outfit which is perfect for the Mother of the Bride. This exquisite and striking beaded and ruffled jacket and the matching silk tafteh skirt can also be worn for any Black Tie Formal Western Wear Event. The ruffles and the bead work and the style of this outfit with the right hat reminds one of the Old West Outfits.  Ruffles and beadwork are one of the most essential styles for this seasons, especially in the Western Wear. 
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A Mother of the Bride Beaded Jacket Set for a Western-themed Wedding

We have all attended our fair share of weddings. But unlike those attended by the older folks back in the days, weddings have now become an avenue for particularly fun, creative couples to showcase their love of a certain decade or an era in fashion. Some wedding themes are the 1960s, sailor-inspired, and bohemian. Other couples have even recreated their weddings out of their favorite movies. Thus, it's not surprising for a couple to choose a Western-inspired wedding.

Ann N Eve, the leading online store for Western clothing, shows its versatility with the product it carries. It offers not only Western shirts, pants, jackets, vests, and shawls but also formal western wear which includes wedding dresses, velvet shawls and ponchos, and long skirts. Ann N Eve even has plus size western women t-shirts for the more voluptuous ladies, further affirming that the store caters to every possible Western clothing need. Ann N Eve also carries scully western jackets/vests that can be worn for special or formal events.

If you're planning a Western-themed wedding, you might be having a bit of trouble with your mother who wants, needless to say, a mother of the bride beaded jacket set that is appropriate for her age. Of course, it would be a bit unsightly if she dons a sequined Western top instead.

Ann N Eve's mother of the bride beaded jacket set consists of a top made of lightweight mesh and a skirt made of ruffled silk taffeta. The handiwork is precious and the style is very practical since the jacket can even be worn as a cover-up over a nice top after the wedding.

Any woman who's about to see her daughter walk down the aisle would not want to upstage her child, but she doesn't want to be remembered as the parent who did not care enough to put on a  nice outfit. With the mother of the bride beaded jacket set, she would have achieved both.