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Formal Western Women Wear

Formal Western Women Wear
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Silk Royal Blue Ruffled Skirt
Product ID : 5094SHB
Romantic Copper Beaded Vest
Product ID : BO123V
Silk Romantic Ruffled Skirt
Product ID : 5093SHB
Beaded Victorian Burgundy Purse
Product ID : 1107BD
Burgundy Beaded Roses Shawl
Product ID : 2090BD
Black Burnt Out Long Velvet Vest
Product ID : 1910
Black and Cream Ruffled Shawl
Product ID : 2089
Black and Cream Chiffon Skirt
Product ID : 5092
Formal Royal Blue Fully Beaded Outfit
Hot Deal
Product ID : Ourfit 0014
Ivory Lace Romantic ruffled Western Shawl
Product ID : 2086 Lace
Handkercief Hem Lace Ivory Dress
Product ID : 10012D
Formal Black Ruffled Blouse
Hot Deal
Product ID : 4056
Iridescent Beaded Top
Product ID : PA3
Beaded Royal Blue Shawl
Hot Deal
Product ID : 2083
Black Velvet Long Formal Skirt
Hot Deal
Product ID : 5083
Formal Black Western Long Skirt
Product ID : 6042
Brown Velvet Gored Skirt
Hot Deal
Product ID : 6039V
113 item(s) Page 1 of 7
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Special Occasion Western Wear

Finding unique, beautiful western wear for special occasions can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Though there are a number of companies out there that carry special occasion western wear, the attention to detail and quality of the clothing is often lacking. Women who demand truly original, semi-custom western wear for extra special occasions can find exactly what they need at Ann N Eve. Established over twenty five years ago, Ann N Eve manufactures their own stunning western wear apparel in the U.S.A. The belief that quality comes from using the best materials while closely monitoring the manufacturing process has enabled Ann N Eve to create beautiful western wear for discriminating women. Along with their gorgeous line of special occasion western wear, the company also designs and manufactures their own everyday western apparel.

Whether a woman is looking for a lovely western inspired wedding ensemble or a one-of-a-kind deerskin vest, the ideal stylish item can be found at Ann N Eve’s online store. Special Occasion accessories are also available, and include everything from finely feathered gambler hats to embellished purses. Since Ann N Eve is so hands on with the clothing creation, almost all the items in their stores can be semi-custom designed with the client. Waist size, length and even color can usually be changed on any of their everyday and special occasion western wear. The exquisitely crafted western apparel and accessories are sold at top western shows in the USA as well as through their website to maintain the exclusivity and uniqueness of their line.

Formal Western Women Wear

Formal Western Women Wear comes in a broad range of styles drawn from the rich variety of cultures that formed the Westward Expansion, coupled with some more modern influences within the states that comprised the Old West. Formal Western Women Wear includes trim gored skirts, variegated length skirts and soft crushed cotton skirts, and skirts with handkerchief hems; trim jersey tops, western-style shirts, peasant style blouses in a variety of materials. The selections even include wedding dresses and even dresses that would be suitable to wear to the Prom. Better yet, they come in styles ranging from reserved to flamboyant. Each item is made with loving attention to detail with quality in mind. Whatever the occasion, we want you to look you very best.

With items from Formal Western Women Wear, you can be Sexy in Black in a flirty summer dress from Scully Cowgirl wear or movie star elegant in a soft suede belt decorated with ankle length fringe worn over jeans and jersey. You can be The Shooting Star in a pair of rawhide pants and fringe suede vest or gauchos and matching shawl. You can even be the elegant Lady in Red in a long, tiered red skirt and matching western-style blouse. Accent the outfit with a black, velvet shawl trimmed in red with beautiful long, flowing fringe. Team the gorgeous red skirt from Red Flame Beauty and black piano player's shawl for a stunning outfit that will turn heads and keep them turned in your direction the whole of the event. Don't forget to top off your ensemble with a hat and boots. We even have handbags that are perfect to go with each outfit.