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Formal Western Wear

When it comes to formal western wear, Ann N Eve is here to help you adorn yourself with a felt hat, elaborate vests, embroidered shirts, and everything in between. Men and women can both dress up in formal western wear for rodeo outings, horse shows, races, and even weddings. We have even provided our gorgeous formal western wear for proms with western themes. Some cowboys prefer leather vests for their formal western wear while others opt to wear sport coats featuring embroidered arrowheads and poly suede yokes. Our long sleeves, button down shirts are the best choice for men’s formal western wear. Most men prefer a solid color to go with their vest or sports coat, and we suggest trying a solid white or black button down long sleeve shirt that looks great with just about anything.

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Exquisite Western Embroidered Shawl
Product ID : 2111
Sexy Short Lace Dress
Product ID : 100220EB
Romantic Lace Cowgirl Dress
Product ID : 100210EB
Long Broomstick Embroidered Skirt
Product ID : 5109
Western Style Royal Blue Beaded Shawl
Product ID : 2109BD
Red Sparkly Long Skirt
Product ID : 5107J
Red Embellished Sparkly Top
Product ID : 211JT
Scoop Neck Long Tank Top
Product ID : 210JTK
Sage Color Beaded Caplet
Product ID : 2108CP
Sexy Long Gaucho Pant with Ruffles
Product ID : 1409
Sexy Ruffled Blouse
Product ID : 4068
Black Mesh Handkerchief Hem Skirt
Product ID : 5106
Boho Tie Dyed Long Vest
Product ID : BO125BD
Copper Color Leather Look Shawl
Product ID : AE 2107
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No western wardrobe is complete without boots, belts, and hats. Exotic boots in particular are ideal to pair with our formal western wear. If you do want to wear patterned exotic boots, you have plenty to choose from. Each pair has a unique style; whether you want full quill ostrich, crocodile, gray python, or rattle snake boots, you will be able to find a great pair to go with your outfit.  As for hats, felt is the best choice for formal western wear, which is why Ann N Eve has a quality selection of eye catching suede hats to choose from.

For a formal look, women often opt for skirts or gauchos. They are both very comfortable, as they are made out of materials such as peachskin, moleskin, and suede. Popular colors for women’s formal western wear are tan, dark blue, black, chocolate, and white. Ann N Eve takes special delight in designing lovely matching blouses and accessories such as chokers, belts, hats, western style jewelry, and purses that will compliment a formal western wear look for your special occasion.

Special Occasion Wear

Ann N Eve offers more than just everyday western women’s wear; we also carry a stunning selection of special occasion wear and accessories. We feel that western wear is more than just a look, it’s a lifestyle. That is why we have designed beautiful western ensembles for women to wear to special events and occasions in their life. From a sexy short black western skirt and top for a date or anniversary to beautiful western bridal ensembles, our quality crafted western special occasion wear is ideal for making a statement at the next special event in your life.

Western special occasion

Ann N Eve also carries romantic black lace Old West style dresses that fit and flatter the body for a night out with your special guy. Along with our special occasion wear, we also carry lovely special occasion accessories. Sequined gambler’s hats, Old West style beaded purses and western wedding hats and purses can help complete your western special occasion wear with elegance and style.

Out of all the special occasions in your life, a wedding is one of the most momentous. Ann N Eve loves creating beautiful western bridal outfits for a woman’s special day. All of our western wedding outfits are designed to make a bride feel beautiful and comfortable, with special embellishments like sequins and fine beading for some wedding day sparkle. We love it when our customers come by to see our western wear line in person, and invite you to stop by during one of our major western show appearances. Please check our Schedule of Events for dates and locations, and we look forward to showing you our high end western style clothing and meeting you in person.

Formal Western Wear can range from the finery worn by the nomadic native tribes of the Great Plains to a smartly tailored business look to a softly, feminine garments made of bright paisley print or flowing lace.
J4 West Western Wear focuses on skirts with variable length hems trimmed with leather fringe. These match fringed shawls. Teamed with soft jersey pull-overs or tailored western shirts, this collection makes a statement that won't be missed in any gathering.
Western Women Dresses is another great place to find special clothing for every formal occasion. Ranging from sleekly tailored to softly flowing, the selections in this collection will suit any fancy and provide the correct wear for any formal occasion - whether it is a business luncheon or a wedding.
Contemporary Women Clothing has formal wear for today's busy woman as she moves through the broad variety of roles she plays in today's society. It addresses her need to be unique, to stand out, and to be well-dressed regardless of the event.
Formal Western Wear encompasses styles for every formal occasion. It has the perfect look for that important business luncheon as well as an absolutely fabulous dress to wear to your cousin's wedding. Regardless of the occasion, you can find a dress or suit that is perfect and will make you stand out as uniquely well-dressed for the event. Select from a variety of colors, styles and sizes for each ensemble to suit your personal tastes and needs for special events.