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Contemporary Women Clothing

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Formal Black Long Dress
Product ID : MTD363 KLEE
Black and White Embroidered Short Dress
Product ID : VIV318S
White Tunic Long Tunic Top
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Product ID : KT415
Western Ivory Crochet Lace Top
Product ID : CR413
Sequined Wedding Vail
Product ID : 01 Vail
Reversabile Print Jacket
Product ID : 6033RV
Long Knitted Western Vest
Hot Deal
Product ID : 8010
Black V-Neck Tunic Top
Product ID : LB378
Black V Neck Tunic Pant Outfit
Product ID : Outfit ATCR3150
Boho Chic Grey Beaded Long Vest
Product ID : BO120
Western Style Sexy Cardigan
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Product ID : WSC102
Western Knit Cardigen with Rabbit Fur
Hot Deal
Product ID : WSC101
Long Beaded Vest
Hot Deal
Product ID : 80010BD
Womens Thermal Ivory Printed Jacket
Product ID : KT-JKSH001-4
Womens Thermal Floral Jacket
Product ID : KTJ-JKS138-4
Thermal Printed Womens Jacket
Product ID : KT-JKS525-4
Black and White Ladies T-Shirt
Product ID : KT-C525-3
38 item(s) Page 1 of 3
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Contemporary Women Clothing

Contemporary Women Clothing must meet a broad range of needs, because today's contemporary woman plays a broad variety of roles. Besides the traditional roles of wife, mother or sweetheart, she may be a career woman, an artist, an entrepreneur, and college girl or much, much more. Her clothing must include basic, practical gear, business wear and something pretty for a night out. Because even though she has come a long way, she has not outgrown the love of dressing up hat lives in every little girl.

Boho Chic Clothing speaks to that little girl. Soft skirts in paisley print or fine lace are perfect to swirl around her ankles. Pair them with a soft, jersey pull-over or an off-the shoulder blouse with layered ruffles, and you have a look that will turn heads at any gathering. A fringed shawl – long or short – gives an added touch of elegance, because Contemporary Women Clothing is all about having fun.

For a more dressy look, turn to Formal Western Wear. The skirts range from practical gauchos to soft lace. Fitted skirts with a flounce move a business suit from something severe, to tasteful femininity. Skirts with a fitted yoke and soft gores create an under-stated elegance.  But never think formality can’t be fun! This line includes a romantic lace evening gown, a short, fringed skirt and a beaded evening shawl.

Speaking of shawls, the last work in Contemporary Women Clothing is the Black Velvet Shawl. Supple black velvet over a white jersey or other simple top is made to ward off evening chill and to accent a tailored costume. It works well with colors as well as with white ensembles.